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A New Workshop: Honoring Transition

Change can be challenging for all of us. I’ve come to see that some of this challenge is necessary to ready our systems for whatever comes next. Honoring the transition time between what is and what is next is a powerful way to both honor and explore our lives and experience.  Allowing space, time, breath, and reflection between now and next enables us to benefit from any insights our system is giving us, but it also allows time for our nervous system to re-regulate so that the change is potentially less taxing for us. And of course, there are those changes that hit us quickly; so fast we barely have time to breathe. Even with those types of changes, we can take a bit of time, even if only a breath or two, to live in and explore the transitional space and all that it offers.

Join me for 20 days and 20 minutes each day, honoring the transition between Summer and Autumn. Sign up below!

The Details...

  • Each day you’ll receive an email with an invitation to honor and explore the energy of this transition and how it shows up in your life through: curated writing prompts, suggestions for ritual, invitations for reflection, as well creative and inspiring words and readings for you to use in creating sacred space each day.

  • ​This series will officially kick-off on Friday, September 13 (Friday the 13 of course!) and run for 20 days through October 2. However, join anytime and receive all 20 exploration emails on your own schedule.

  • The cost is only $1 per day ($20 total).

  • Optionally, I will be offering a free 30-minute coaching & energy session with me for everyone who registers. This is an opportunity to receive support for what may have arisen for you in this time of exploration and another way to honor your own journey.


Register using the "Buy Now" link below. 

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Sidra's intuitive, creative prompts along with the warmth and care she nurtures, make her writing circles an essential part of my journey. She creates a space for growth and healing. - Rhonda